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Innovations in the Vistaβ„’ AR Shingle

At Malarkey Roofing Products, we are devoted to innovating and improving our building materials. The Vista™ AR shingle, which we introduced last fall, includes several key developments in laminated architectural shingles. These shingles, as we discussed in our last post, are constructed with durable layers and provide a clean, uniform look to home facades.


The Zone: Malarkey’s Laminate Nailing Area

Incorrectly driven nails represent the primary cause of improper shingle installation. In turn, poor shingle installation produces a flawed roofing project that diminishes the value of your home. Malarkey Roofing Products developed The Zone®, a 1¾" nailing area more than three times the size of traditional nailing areas. As a result, roofing contractors can now drive nails faster and more accurately, which leads to the completion of successful roof installation projects.