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Advanced Construction Roofing Wins Accolades in Roofing Contest with Windsor® Shingles

Colorado roofing contractor, Advanced Construction Roofing, recently earned an Honorable Mention from the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) for their installation of a Malarkey Secure Choice™ roofing system featuring Windsor® shingles in Antique Brown. Judging for the 45 submissions in the contest this year was based on four criteria: Beauty, Affordability, Reliability and “Why Asphalt?”

The project was based in Littleton, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, where hailstorms are common. When local homeowners were looking for an elegant, reliable roofing solution, Tom A. Krause, Owner of Advanced Construction Roofing, recommended Class 4 impact-resistant Windsor® shingles to replace the home’s original, 30-year-old dimensional asphalt shingles.

“We met [the homeowners] while resolving a flue leak, and after a year, they wanted us to check out the roof,” said Krause. “They had an approval of their hail damage claim and lots of granule loss on a 30-year-old roof.”

Krause and his team began their project with a standard tear-off of the old roof in late October, then applied both Malarkey’s Arctic Seal® ice & water protection and SecureStart Plus™ underlayments. The 50-square roof was, “fairly straightforward at 5/12 and 6/12 pitches,” said Krause. “But there were a lot more facets than a typical roof; we encountered lots of valleys and transitions,” he added. Windsor® Starter and Windsor® field shingles finished the roof along with hip and ridge shingles in Antique Brown. Amid decreasing temperatures and waning daylight, the ACR crew finished the job in less than five days. Krause said the homeowners were thrilled with the finished product.

Advanced Construction Roofing

The Secure Choice™ roofing system with Windsor® shingles is increasingly recognized as the new standard in polymer modified asphalt roofing. Last year, another Colorado contractor also won an Honorable Mention from ARMA for their installation of a nearly identical roof system. Windsor® shingles, along with the rest of Malarkey’s shingle catalog, are manufactured with NEX™ polymer modified asphalt, made from upcycled materials such as plastics and tire rubber. On an average-sized home with a roof of roughly 3,000 square feet (30 roofing squares), the upcycled content in an application of Malarkey roofing shingles with NEX™ polymer modified asphalt is equivalent to more than five rubber tires and 350 plastic milk jugs.

“We decided to move to Malarkey as our primary shingle over a year ago,” said Krause, who began ACR over three years ago. “I heard a lot of accolades for the products in terms of impact resistance, and feedback from building inspectors and distributors, as well as anecdotes from people with Malarkey roofs that have sustained hailstorms without damage.”

In 2018 alone, ACR installed 50 complete Malarkey roof systems in the Denver metropolitan area. Krause has documented nearly all of them on the ACR Facebook page. Krause credits some of his success to insurers’ approval of Malarkey’s Class 3 and 4 rated impact-resistant shingles for certified replacement following storm damage claims.

A Malarkey Certified Residential Contractor, the mission of ACR, “is founded on a best-in-class customer service model in which no lines are drawn between sales, service, and the quality of the final product. We work closely with homeowners to recommend the best and most affordable labor and material options available… We build One project and serve One customer at a time. This combination of values allows us to earn the lasting trust for repeat business and referrals.”

ACR also supplied homeowners with a closing letter outlining the exact warranties they as contractors provide for the project. According to their website, ACR warranties “typically cover five years on roofing replacement, two years on siding, one year on gutters, and one year on any miscellaneous trades.”

About the ARMA Excellence in Asphalt Roofing Contest

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) is the North American trade association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of bituminous-based residential and commercial fiberglass roofing products, roll roofing, built-up (BUR) roofing systems, and modified bitumen roofing systems. The Excellence in Asphalt Roofing program recognizes projects from across North America that exemplify asphalt roofing’s versatility and ability to provide solutions for complex architectural challenges. For more information about this year’s winners or to submit your best Malarkey roofing project for the 2020 awards program, visit