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Choosing a Shingle for Your Home

Curb appeal can make a significant impact on your home. A fresh coat of paint and well maintained landscaping will boost the presentation of your home. But how often do you think of your roof as a factor to curb appeal?

A new roof is a big investment that will make an impact on the curb appeal of your home for years to come. It’s important to choose a product that not only looks good the day it goes on the roof, but will continue to enhance the look and safety of your home over time.

What shingles should I buy? Malarkey offers high quality shingles with a variety of styles and features to meet the needs of your home. Let’s break down the different shingle styles.


Architectural Shingles

About the shingle: Architectural shingles are made of two layers that are sealed together with durable SEBS asphalt adhesive. The top layer of the shingle is cut into what is called a saw tooth design then placed on an uncut second layer, known as a backer or shim, which forms the completed shingles that are installed on your roof. Special color blends of granules are applied to the shingle to give it a shadow line for added dimension.

Architectural shingles are the most popular style of asphalt roofing in North America. This style gives your roof added dimension and durability for an affordable price. Looking for more definition? The Legacy XL is a high-profile shingle to offer an even more pronounced design on the roof.

Legacy® XL

Legacy® shingle line

Highlander® shingle line

Ecoasis™ Costa


Designer Shingles

About the shingle: Designer shingles offer a look similar to traditional cedar shake. Shingles are cut into a saw tooth design with strategic variation in tab placement to offer a distinctive look that breaks up the uniform lines seen with architectural shingles. This provides a more organic design and custom look to a home.

Designer shingles have been gaining in popularity over the years and are often seen on high-end homes and preferred by homeowners associations. Due in part to the larger size of these shingles, they do come at a higher price point but still offer the affordability of asphalt shingles compared to other roofing materials. Looking for something that really stands out? The high-profile design of Windsor XL will add even more impact with 20% more thickness than the standard Windsor shingle.

Windsor® XL



3 Tab Shingles

About the shingle: One of the original shingle designs, 3-tab shingles consist of a single layer of shingle material with slits cut to create tabs. When asphalt shingles were first produced they were made as one solid piece. The 3-tab design dates back to the early 1900’s to give the appearance of more, smaller shingles on the roof rather than the larger strips.

Though not as popular as they once were, 3-tab shingles are still seen regularly on homes in the Eastern United States and are the most cost effective single option. Looking for a 3-tab shingle with extra durability? Dura-Seal™ provides durable Class 3 impact resistance.

Dura-Seal™ shingle line


Still not sure which style will look best on your home? You can try out different style and color variations in the Roof Designer app and even upload a photo of your home.