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Dependable Roofing Shingles for Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness

Malarkey Roofing Products® manufactures building products to perform against the demands of severe weather events and ensure peace of mind. To accomplish this task, we develop innovative solutions to the problems of poor shingle performance in the face of severe weather. With partners such as 3M, who provide our roofing granules and produced a comprehensive Natural Disaster Hazard Assessment Guide, we aim to deliver dependable roofing products to our customers.

Safety, Safety, Safety

As regular readers of this blog will know, safety is a primary concern for Malarkey Roofing Products; at our plants, with our certified contractors, and of course, homeowners. Roofing, to the untrained and unaware novice, can be dangerous. Working from great heights alone, is reason enough that we advise for homeowners to avoid the ‘do-it-yourself’ spirit used for interior painting or landscaping. This is especially true following any damage to the roof, when the stability or safety on the roof is questionable.

Preparing for Seasonal Storm Activity

Today, with some seasonal regularity (and the help of modern meteorology) homeowners are able to anticipate, and prepare for, severe weather events. It is also important for homeowners to recognize the importance that changes in the seasons has on their homes and roofs. For instance, springtime may signal heavy winds or hailstorms east of the Rocky Mountains, whereas early fall may see wind-driven rain from hurricane activity in the Southeast. Previously, we have shared tips for preventative roof maintenance in the fall, so that homeowners can avoid uncomfortable roofing issues in the winter months.


Install durable, performance-driven roofing shingles that are appropriate for your local climate. At Malarkey, we build shingles specifically for consistent, prolonged performance. For instance, in 1993, The Alaskan® shingle became the first shingle to meet the ambitious 110 mph Miami-Dade building code requirement for wind. The following year, we produced the Hurricane™, the first 3M Algae Block shingle that prevented the unsightly black streaks on roofs caused by unwanted algae growth in humid areas. This shingle would set a new precedent for polymer modified asphalt roofing shingle lifetime performance, and lead to the modern, industry-leading, Legacy® laminate shingle.

Today, all Malarkey shingles in the U.S. and Canada are now rated at UL2218 Class 3 or Class 4 levels of impact resistance. These superior performance ratings are due, in large part, to the innovative achievements of Malarkey’s polymer modified asphalt formulas. Most recently, we have begun inclusion of polymers from repurposed materials to the asphalt to make a high-performance product more sustainable.

It is also advisable to replace a severely damaged roof with a new complete roof system, like our Secure Choice™ line of products, because the respective products are designed for the overall, integrated performance of extreme weather protection.

Building Resilient Structures

Malarkey is actively involved with the Fortified Home program from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) for construction standards and methods go beyond emergency and disaster preparedness to improve the resiliency and reliability of the whole structure in severe conditions. Many of our Certified Residential Contractors are additionally educated on this skills and techniques for construction. These structures, in combination with the right materials, can provide a resilient home, fortified for protection.

In the face of severe weather, provide the best chance for your roof with some foresight and preparation. Though there are always exceptions in the natural world, Malarkey Roofing Products works hard to produce polymer modified asphalt shingles to meet the demands of your region. Explore the options for residential steep slope roofing shingles here to see which option fits the needs of your home.