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Ecoasis™ Costa Expands Shingle Lines with Nexgen™ Asphalt

Now fortified with Nexgen™ polymer modified asphalt and solar reflective granules, the Ecoasis™ Costa architectural roofing shingle line is a leading example of sustainable, reliable, and modern roofing technology.


The Ecoasis™ Costa joins the Vista™ shingle line in utilizing Nexgen™ polymer modified asphalt. This expansion of Nexgen™ into additional product lines is a significant step toward reclaiming materials from the waste stream and building performance-driven roofing products. Malarkey continues to explore additional opportunities within the product catalog to include Nexgen™.

Nexgen™ asphalt incorporates 30 years of Malarkey’s history with proven polymer modified asphalt technology, innovation and performance. Over the years, Malarkey has continually advanced the development of polymer modified asphalt using new technologies to refine the physical characteristics desired for quality shingle performance. Nexgen™, a blend of Flexor™ asphalt with polymers from repurposed materials, is the next step in the ongoing effort from Malarkey to promote sustainable roofing materials while maintaining a high level of quality. This progressive approach improves asphalt flexibility, granule adhesion, cold weather installation, and impact resistance while promoting sustainable product design.

Solar Reflective

Reflecting Solar Rays

The granule adhesion capabilities of Nexgen™ are particularly valuable in the Ecoasis™ Costa because the granules in the shingles reflect solar rays. Ecoasis™ Costa shingles have measured radiative property values listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council and can be used to comply with California Energy Code Title 24, Part 6 Cool Roof Requirements. The shingle line accomplishes this with 3M™ Cool Roofing Granules. These granules are made with a highly reflective specialty pigments that help reflect infrared light away from the home.

This is especially valuable in warm climates when solar energy hits a roof surface and is absorbed, it raises the temperature of the shingles. This can lead to additional heat entering a home through the roof and premature aging of asphalt shingles. Solar reflective shingles may reduce the amount of heat entering the home and potentially extend the life of the roof in hot climates.

Ecoasis Costa Colors

Captivating Colors

Consistent with the current catalog of colors for Malarkey residential shingles, the Ecoasis™ Costa offers an array of color options. From brown/taupe hues with the Cedar Cask, Sandy Shale, or Willow Wood colors, to darker colors of gray/black with Desert Noir and Sterling Mist, each color adds its own curb appeal to a home or building. Malarkey's solar color offerings provide a spectrum of colors for regions wishing to select a solar reflective shingle.

By combining the asphalt with polymers from repurposed materials and granules that reflect solar radiation, the Ecoasis™ Costa shingle line redefines excellence in sustainable roofing.