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Extending the NEXยฎ Road Show

At Malarkey Roofing Products®, our year begins with a sprint out of the gate, attending numerous tradeshows in January and February. We then have a very busy spring, touring North America and sharing exciting product updates before the season really gets underway for roofing contractors. The response from attendees has been so good, in fact, we’ve decided to extend the NEX® road show calendar with events in Colorado, Texas, and Indiana.

With so many interesting innovations coming out of our Research & Design lab, there is much to share given Malarkey’s approach to manufacturing performance-driven, sustainable, and reliable roofing products. For instance, the development of NEX® polymer modified asphalt has become the key ingredient used in all of our roofing shingles. This asphalt – or the ‘super glue’ as we like to call it – is made with polymers from upcycled materials. These valuable polymers are extracted from waste material and used to create a higher quality roofing shingle that is more durable, flexible, and resilient than ever before. We’re also leading the application of engineered granules to roofing shingles as well. These granules are capable of reflecting solar radiation, inhibiting algae growth, and now, transforming smog gases to help clean the air around homes.

So far, we’ve met with hundreds of contractors, distributers, builders, architects, and insurance agents at events in British Columbia, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Minnesota. We recently hosted the Northwest Training Expo – in our own backyard of Portland, Oregon – for the third year in a row. (See the recap of the first expo here.) This year’s two-day expo featured presentations by our corporate and regional teams, including remarks by Malarkey Roofing Products President & CEO Jim Fagan, and Senior Vice President, Greg Malarkey. We held on-site demonstrations of our OmniSeal™ low slope and Secure Choice™ residential roofing systems, and industry partners, 3M™, EagleView, Lomanco Vents, Greensky®, Home Advisor, and iRoofing also provided presentations.

The event’s keynote speaker was entrepreneur and former professional baseball player, Todd Stottlemyre. Attendees gained valuable insights from Todd’s experiences on and off the field, and in particular, he focused on the importance of goal setting for roofing contractors. While it is easy to get caught up in the wins and losses each day on the roof or in the batter’s box, he reminded listeners, success is determined over the course of a career – not a single misplaced nail or pitch. With warmer weather and roofing projects scheduled for the near future, Todd’s inspiring remarks resonated for those planning ahead.

If you’re planning ahead, look for Malarkey events in Colorado, Texas, and Indiana in the coming weeks. For more details on our NEX® road show, be sure to keep track of future events here – or join us at the Western Roofing Expo in Las Vegas this June!