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Homeowner's Guide to Laminated Architectural Shingles

Laminated architectural shingles, also known as dimensional shingles, are manufactured with an enhanced profile to produce a three-dimensional appearance on the rooftop. These shingles complement a wide variety of home facades because of their depth and wide range of colors. To retain design continuity, homeowners turn to laminated architectural shingles to create a uniform appearance.

Homeowners in search of a wooden shake appearance to their roof, can find additional value in these shingles beyond style. Laminated architectural shingles not only mimic the rustic look of traditional wood shake shingles, they provide homeowners with modern shingle technology to protect their homes. The shingles additionally shield from wind and inclement weather damage.

Shingle Construction

Laminated architectural shingles are typically made of two shingle layers laminated together with an adhesive. On a laminated architectural shingle, the top layer is cut into a saw tooth pattern and laminated to an uncut second layer, known as the "backer" or "shim." Malarkey applies five lines of adhesive between the two layers for additional strength.

Easy Installation for Roofing Contractors

Correct installation of laminated architectural shingles is one of the most important steps in shingle performance. In addition to working with a certified roofing contractor, Malarkey shingles feature The Zone® technology. This patented nail zone utilizes a 1¾" nailing area that dramatically improves fastener placement. The Zone® makes shingle installations much quicker and easier for contractors.

Working with a Malarkey Certified Roofing Contractor

Malarkey Roofing encourages our customers to hire a certified and experienced roofing contractor for the installation of laminated architectural shingles. A professional roofing contractor employs experienced roofers, giving you peace of mind that your new shingles are properly installed and enhance the appearance of your home. Contractors can also offer insight into selecting the best color and style of shingles for your home. Malarkey certifies roofing contractors in the use of our products.

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