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Innovations in the Vistaβ„’ AR Shingle

At Malarkey Roofing Products, we are devoted to innovating and improving our building materials. The Vista™ AR shingle, which we introduced last Fall, includes several key developments in laminated architectural shingles. These shingles, as we discussed in our last post, are constructed with durable layers and provide a clean, uniform look to home facades.


Nexgen™ Modified Asphalt Maximizes Strength

There are many innovative attributes to the Vista™ AR shingle, beginning with the Malarkey trademark Nexgen™ polymer modified asphalt made from reclaimed post-consumer polymers. Utilizing these recycled polymers closely follows our company mission of promoting the use of sustainable roofing materials, while ensuring the highest quality in our products.

This asphalt is an excellent shingle foundation because of its superior granule retention strength and protection against harsh weather conditions. The Vista™ AR shingle is UL 2218 Class 3 certified, and withstands impacts from simulated hailstones over an inch in size.

Double Rain Seal

Double Sealant Application Enhances Hold Against Wind

Malarkey utilizes two strips of a SEBS polymer modified asphalt sealant to keep Vista™ AR shingles attached to your roof. This double application of sealant secures the shingle during heavy rainstorms, high winds, and freeze/thaw cycles. Vista™ AR shingles are eligible for a 130 mph Enhanced Wind Warranty. Malarkey roofing products have historically earned the reputation for standing up against high winds. Vista™ AR architectural shingles continue to raise the bar for roofing material wind resistance.


Algae Elimination Elevates Appearance

Along with the exterior paint, windows and landscaping, a roof’s appearance is a critical component critical to a home’s design and curb appeal. Malarkey has engineered the Vista™ AR shingle to outlast and out-perform color fading and black streaking commonly associated with aging roof coverings. Throughout the day, roofs cycle through periods of hot and cold, causing materials to naturally expand and contract which can cause granules to dislodge from the shingle. Vista™ AR shingles use Nexgen™ polymer modified asphalt with superior granule adhesion to ensure color granules remain on shingle surfaces and protect from ultraviolet rays. To prevent black streaks cause by algae growth on shingles, granules on Vista™ AR shingles are additionally formulated for, and carry, a 12-year Algae Resistance (AR) Protection guarantee.

These innovations are included in the Vista™ AR shingle to preserve and protect the look of the home. For color offerings, design specifications, and other details, learn more about the Vista™ AR shingle here.