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Malarkey Shingles Bring Portlandโ€™s Jupiter Hotel to the NEXT Level

Malarkey Roofing Products is a building materials company that focuses on products – perhaps obviously - for roofing. But this is worth restating because a recent construction project in Portland, Oregon has expanded the conventional application of our shingles with dramatic results. Jupiter Hotel owners envisaged Jupiter NEXT to be “a sophisticated and elevated expansion adjacent to the original Jupiter Hotel.”

Soon after Works Progress Architecture, an innovative architectural design studio with offices in Portland and Los Angeles, was contacted for help planning the hotel extension of 67 units on 42,000 sq. ft.

Materials for Unconventional Design

“The client is progressive, embraces innovation,” said the architect, “and through a collaborative effort we identified a program to challenge the way things are usually done, utilizing building materials and details that reflect this concept.”

In the material statement, the architects “required a siding material that can flexibly bend over the unconventional shape, without losing the inherent structural integrity of the building. Inspired by rubber latex that stretches over a form, we found vertically installed black asphalt shingles were the most aesthetically pleasing, and the most cost-effective solution. It is an adaptation that resonates with the innovative design of the building. The roofing shingles can easily be installed and bent around corners and wrap with the facade.”

Their search for roofing shingles concluded with Malarkey. “Malarkey consistently values innovation, and advocates for environmentally, and economically responsible values,” said Works Progress. “Methane sourced from a nearby wastewater treatment plant makes up, on average, 68% of their manufacturing power; an unusual way of doing things that aided our decision to collaborate with this innovative company."


Chosen for the project were 200 squares of Legacy® laminated architectural shingles in the color Midnight Black to cover the exterior building envelope. (The same shingles were also recently featured on another hotel project, the Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa in Pacific City, Oregon.) Rodeo Roofing, commercial roofing contractor serving the Oregon, Washington, and Idaho was selected for the shingle installation.

Vertical Roofing

As you might imagine, installing shingles on a vertical, instead of a sloped surface, presents its own challenges.

For instance, laying out courses of the shingles. Unlike working of a roof edge and rake, then snapping a chalk line to set a course, Gifford’s team was also required to work around obstacles like windows and counters in the walls.

To manage these obstacles and “make sure it looked good from across the street,” said Superintendent Chris Gifford of the building’s commanding presence at the busy corner of 9th and Burnside, the Rodeo Roofing team revisited their approach. “We worked directly with the general contractor to create interior and exterior witness marks with lasers, and then worked from the key points on the corners of the building,” Gifford added.

With their courses outlined, the team then set out installing the shingles, which according to Gifford, had to be hand shielded with 8 full ring shank galvanized nails on each shingle of the vertical slope, and even one with a reverse slope. This was done not only to maintain the warranty, but also a consistent look throughout the building. At each turn, the Rodeo team worked with designers, architects, and the Malarkey technical team to ensure a cohesive, seamless end product.

“Working with window installer and sheet materials was unique,” said Gifford. Under the windows, “we did a custom installation with special flashing and sealing, and even scraped off granules, then covered with sealant to ensure a clean, uniform look to the building’s exterior,” he added.

“We had to coordinate with other trades. It was slow going,” said Gifford, acknowledging that roofers are often the only trade occupying space on the top of the building. As with many other elements, this project was different. “We used the man lifts on the side six story building, swing stage scaffolding lowered from the top, and then worked off the patio on the back,” he added.

The project started in November for the Rodeo crew, then finished shingles around mid-May.

“The owner and everyone loved the end product. All our guys are super proud of the work,” said Gifford.

Malarkey Roofing Products is inspired by the exciting new ways our building materials are used for progressive architectural design. Creativity drives innovation, and innovations create opportunities for Malarkey to build better products. Read more about how we’ve included repurposed material in our Nexgenâ polymer modified asphalt to make our most sustainable roofing shingle yet.