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New Highlander® NEX™ Roofing Shingle and 'Ivory Mist' Solar Reflective Color Blend Ready for California Roofs

At Malarkey Roofing Products® we have always manufactured performance-driven and purpose-built, functional roofing products. Beginning with the first 3-tab shingle to meet the Miami-Dade building code requirement for wind, our catalog of roofing shingles has options for the demands of every climate. Today, the Highlander® NEX™  architectural shingle improves upon our designs for sunny, dry climates to provide an additional option to the existing Ecoasis™ Costa line of solar reflective shingles.

Highlander® NEX™ is specifically designed for warmer, dry climates. Produced at our facility in Southern California, Highlander® NEX™ is fortified with sustainable Nexgen™ polymer modified asphalt technology for enhanced granule adhesion and UV resistance. These shingles will be initially available to all areas serviced by our South Gate facility.

The Highlander® NEX™ shingle additionally features solar reflective color blends designed including the new, Ivory Mist color blend. These solar reflective blends help reduce roof and building temperatures as well as the built-up environment otherwise known as the ‘urban heat island’ effect. Due to their solar reflective strength, Highlander® NEX™ in the Golden Amber, Ivory Mist, Sienna Blend, and Silverwood color blends are listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council. In the Golden Amber, Ivory Mist, Sienna Blend, and Silverwood color blends, Highlander® NEX™ can be used to comply with CEC Title 24, Part 6 Cool Roof Requirements. Cool roofs are recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency and US Green Building Council to combat the effects of urban heat islands.

Another Cool Roof Color

Ivory Mist

The Ivory Mist color blend combines solar reflective and traditional roofing granules for an attractive alternative to our Dove White color blend. Ivory Mist provide exceptional levels of solar reflectance, while adding just enough pigmented granules to match more exterior color combinations and a diversity of exterior homes styles. The Solar Reflectivity Index (SRI) of Ivory Mist on the Highlander® NEX™ is 26, and registered with the Cool Roofing Rating Council. The Ivory Mist color is also available in the Dura Seal™ product line.

Expanding Envirogen™

Malarkey launched the Envirogen™ family of roofing products specially designed, manufactured and certified for sustainability earlier this year. The Envirogen line of shingle products are designed with a goal of sustainability in focus through each step of the product’s life cycle. From a shingle’s manufacture to the end of its service life, Malarkey shingles are created for superior performance, reliability, and limited impact on the environment.

Highlander® NEX™ is manufactured with Nexgen™ polymer modified asphalt which utilizes polymers from repurposed materials. Nexgenä is the latest iteration in Malarkey’s 30-year history of polymer modified asphalt innovation. Introduced in 2017, with the Vista™ shingle, Nexgen™ established Malarkey’s focus on sustainability in the residential roofing shingle market.