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New Print Marketing Materials for Residential Roofing Shingles

There are a lot of great resources available to help present the Malarkey Roofing Products shingle line. In addition to the numerous digital resources about Malarkey Roofing Products within this website, we have recently designed residential roofing shingle brochures for the laminate and designer shingle lines. The printed brochure booklets are full of gorgeous, glossy images of stunning homes featuring Malarkey shingles. For contractors and distributors, these brochures are excellent pieces to share with homeowners and help them make informed choices for their roofing needs. A few new resources to aid in specifically showing color and product selection option are detailed below.

Designer Look Book

This brochure features our full Windsor shingle line including: Windsor® Scotchgard®, Windsor® XL Scotchgard®, and Windsor® Ecoasis™ shingle line. For each style there are rich, detailed photographs of elegant homes with the designer shingles. Homeowners are encouraged to flip through the pages for design inspiration, color concepts and dimension options for their home’s exterior décor.

Laminate Look Book

In the laminate, architectural shingle book Malarkey’s Legacy®, Ecoasis™, Vista™, and Highlander™ shingle lines are featured. While also adorned with great images of the roofing shingles, this book provides clear comparisons of each option. For instance, homeowners can see the differences between shingle colors, Impact resistance ratings, algae resistance, and solar reflectivity. 


Shingle Sample Boards

Pictures may be worth thousands of words, but having the shingle itself in hand helps with the color selection process. Malarkey has many shingle sample boards in addition to the brochures and digital resources to assist with the decision-making process.

Also available, are shingle sample boards that highlight specific features of Malarkey products. The Zone® patented 1¾" nailing area technology, is best displayed, full-scale, next to a competitor’s company’s narrow nailing band. Having a real, tangible representation of the nailing field can aid the contractor in exploring ways to expedite their installation process, and can reduce the amount of time they’re on a homeowner’s roof. The Zone® board features the other eliminates engineered into the laminate shingle line with the tapper shim to prevent troughing of the shingle and the 5 SEBS sealant strips to keep the laminate shingle adhered together. With educational tools like the shingle boards, viewers can learn ways to save both time and money.

Help to Homeowners

With more information readily at their fingertips, homeowners are empowered to make the most appropriate roofing choices for their homes and budgets. A new roof can be a significant investment for homeowners. Helping them make confident, educated decisions about their contractor and shingle choices is a primary concern for Malarkey Roofing Products.