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New Reflective Cap Sheet RCapβ„’ Plus Staves Off Solar Heat

Malarkey Roofing Products® manufacture more than just shingles; we also have an extensive commercial and low slope product line. In fact, for nearly forty years, Malarkey has been the leader in the SBS polymer modified roofing industry with an array of base, ply, and cap sheets that perform in a wide variety of climates. The 524G RCap™ Plus cap sheet is the newest addition to the Malarkey catalog of low slope products.

Engineered for Performance

The 524G RCap™ Plus cap sheet is designed and engineered to perform in extreme weather conditions. It is manufactured on a non-woven fiberglass mat, saturated and coated on both sides with SBS polymer modified bitumen (asphalt), and compounded with a fire-retardant mineral stabilizer. Then, highly reflective white granules are embedded into the membrane of the cap sheet. The granules are finely ground at Malarkey’s manufacturing facility in South Gate, CA, the finer grind allowing granules to be packed tightly together to ensure maximum reflectivity. The topside edge of the sheet has a 2" (51 mm) sand selvage for lap joint seams.

This construction of RCap™ Plus enables it to reflect ultraviolet rays and absorb less heat. As part of a roof system, RCap™ Plus may help decrease building energy costs and extend roof service life. The cap sheet is listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council, and meets CEC’s Title 24, Part 6 requirements. RCap™ Plus also has an initial solar reflectance index (SRI) of 87, a value that exceeds LEED v4 requirement for Heat Island Reduction credit. Three-year aged values are pending.

Standard granules VS. reflective white granules

Limiting the Heat Island

The solar reflectance of RCap™ Plus may additionally aid in reducing the urban heat island effect of a developed community. This effect, as discussed in a previous post, occurs when the typically dark, impermeable surfaces of urban roofs and pavements warm under exposure to sunlight and heat the surrounding air. In more verdant, rural areas, air temperature tends to be cooler because of the prevalence of vegetation and sparse development. According to the Berkeley Lab, “Urban Heat Islands (“UHIs”) can increase energy use, degrade air quality, and aggravate heat-related illnesses in cities.” In addition, there is concern about UHIs contributing to global warming.

Sustainable and innovative, the 524G RCap™ Plus cap sheet is an excellent addition to Malarkey’s low slope product line. Also included in this category are conventional bituminous systems, advanced vegetative roof systems, as well as a number of system components such as ridge vents. For more detailed information on all these materials, visit our systems product info.

Find the RCap™ Plus news release here.