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New Roof Rejuvenates an Old Idaho Barn

Nearly a century ago, this dramatic barn was built in Treasure Valley of Southwestern Idaho near the town of Emmett in 1918. Today, it is used most often as a wedding venue, creating a scenic backdrop for the special ceremony, housing raucous receptions and even a bit of practical storage in between events. When roof repair on the barn could no longer be overlooked, the owners of Fourth Street Gardens selected Malarkey Certified Contractor, Rooftops Energy Solutions, based in nearby Boise.

"Rooftops Energy is not just my business, it's my home, " said owner Ken Crotz Jr., of his ‘total solutions company’ which provides roofing, siding, insulation, windows and solar services.

Selected for this project, were 28 squares of the Vista™ shingle. The laminate Vista™ shingle utilizes Malarkey’s patented Zone® technology to increase the size of the nailing area and ease of install. Additionally, the Vista™ is manufactured with Nexgen™ polymer modified asphalt made from quality, reclaimed polymers. Because of the polymer modified asphalt, the Vista™ shingle protects against harsh weather conditions and has superior granule retention strength. Vista is also available with algae resistant granules that are engineered to prevent mold growth and black streaks commonly seen on roofs in humid areas.

As evident in the images, 70 percent of the roof is pitched 8:12, and the remaining 30 percent is 24:12. Despite these stats, the project took Ken’s crew of five only two days to tear off the old shingles. Over a period of three days, including a bit of framework done, the roof installation was completed by a pair of installers and two framers, according to Rooftops’ “Boss Lady” a.k.a. Administrative Manager, Brandy Morgan.

The result is a reliable, revitalized roof for the barn ahead of its centennial year, and a quiet accent to the backdrop of many cherished photographs yet to come.

Accompanied imaged credits belong to Rooftops Energy Solutions’ On-Site Foreman, Jacob Watson and company owner, Ken Crotz. Learn more about the contractor at their blog, and watch progress of their roof installations for military veterans on their Facebook page