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New Synthetic Underlayment for Residential Roofs

For steep slope residential roofing systems, underlayments are installed between the roof deck and the shingle to provide protection to the deck during installation. The underlayment also acts as an important second line of defense from leaks and ice dams. Traditional underlayment is commonly referred to as felt or tar paper, and is made of paper saturated in asphalt. Malarkey’s new SecureStart™ Plus, however, is an advanced lightweight, synthetic underlayment for steep slope residential roofs.

SecureStart™ Plus is comprised of five layers which provide secured redundancy and improved durability. To improve the walking surface, SecureStart™ Plus features an enhanced diamond pattern on the outside layer. The woven scrim layer adds strength to prevent wrinkling and tears. The advanced back sheet adheres to the deck for easier installation for roofing contractors and provides an additional non-slip surface improved walkability. A foot wider than traditional 36" felts, the lightweight SecureStart™ Plus underlayment also has more coverage per lap and installs 25% faster.

Made of polypropylene, SecureStart™ Plus is a recyclable material. This can be an attractive characteristic for construction specifiers looking for contributions to LEED® building certifications. The synthetic underlayment material is also inert to mold growth and has an enhanced UV exposure life of 180 days; making SecureStart™ Plus both reliable and durable. As part of a system, the underlayment is Class A Fire - ASTM E108 certified, and meets codes ASTM D4869 & D226 Types I & II and D4869 Types II & IV.

Malarkey additionally offers the Right Start™ UDL and Arctic Seal® residential underlayments. The Right Start™ UDL underlayment uses SBS modified asphalt with a fiberglass mat to reduce wrinkling and offer immediate watertight protection. The Arctic Seal® ice and water barrier underlayment can be used in valleys and around the perimeter of the roof. The peel-and-stick design of these products ensures they are fully sealed to the roof deck for added protection against ice and water intrusion into your home. Some local building codes require the use of an ice and water barrier. Check with your local Malarkey Certified Contractor for more details.  

Right Start UDL and Arctic Seal