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Oregon A-Frame Cabin Finishes Best in Class with Malarkey Roofing Shingles

In terms of architectural letterforms, the A-frame cabin is ostensibly, far superior to all others. C-cabins are just average, as we all know. Anyone with D-, or F-frame cabins, are subsequently below average, and usually asked to repeat the process altogether. Kidding aside, this A-Frame cabin roof project, by local roofing contractor Dusten Reynolds, is now clad in our Legacy® roofing shingles with Scotchgard™, earning a spot in the A+ frame category.

Founded in May 2015, Reynolds Roofing and Construction Inc., is an independent business serving roofing needs of the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area.

Not an Easy ‘A’

One of the most notable characteristics of A-frame cabin architecture is the extreme roof pitch that typically extends from the ridge at the cabin’s peak elevation, all the way down to the rake at grade. Many of these roofs may look more similar to a rock climbing wall than traditional architecture. On this project, the pitch of the roof was 14/12 (AKA steep!) which basically measures out around 45 degrees. For reference, that’s around the same pitch as a black diamond ski run.

However, for a seasoned roofing contractor like Dusten, the pitch was not the issue – it was that he completed the project single-handedly.

“It took me 20 days from start to finish by myself,” said Dusten. “I tore off the old shake roof that was in bad shape with leaks. After tearing off the old shake material, I installed new plywood and new shingles. The hardest challenge was that I was doing it by myself for long hours, so that it was a lot of work for one person.”

Choosing Malarkey Roofing Shingles

“The customer asked for recommendations and I offered Malarkey Vistaä or Legacy® Scotchgard™,” said Dusten. “They went with Legacy® Scotchgard™ for the A-frame.”

The customer additionally selected the popular shingle color blend, Natural Wood. It was a great choice for the Pacific Northwest A-frame cabin especially since moss and algae growth are common in the rainy, marine climate. In 1994, Malarkey Roofing Products® became the first manufacturer to offer Scotchgard™ Protector roofing granules from 3M™ in a shingle to prevent black streaks caused by algae. Learn more about the history and scientific development of these granules in this video.

The Legacy® laminated architectural shingle has been Malarkey's most popular line for more than 20 years. Legacy® roofing shingles were selected last year to wrap the exterior of a prominent hotel in Portland, the roof of coastal Oregon lodge, and to defend homes against record hail in Kansas City.

These laminated architectural shingles are manufactured with an enhanced profile to produce a three-dimensional appearance on the rooftop. They are made of two shingle layers laminated together with an adhesive. On the laminated architectural shingle, the top layer is cut into a saw tooth pattern and laminated to an uncut second layer, known as the "backer" or "shim." Malarkey applies five lines of adhesive between the two shingle layers for additional strength.

The shingles also feature two lines of specially formulated SEBS polymer modified asphalt sealant to help hold the shingle in place during high winds and heavy rain. This sealant is in the critical lamination area of the shingle for double protection. SEBS asphalt rain sealant is engineered with adhesive properties to join the shingle together and cohesive properties to prevent it from separating.

Making the Roofing System a Secure Choice™

Secure Choice System

“For this project, I used Malarkey starter, Legacy® Scotchgard™ roofing shingle, and ridge cap,” said Dusten, in reference to the additional roofing system components for the A-frame cabin.

When homeowners are thinking about reroofing a home, it is helpful to remember that a roof is more than just shingles. There are actually several components in a roofing system that provide security against water intrusion, ice dam formation, winds and impact damage. Learn more about the Secure Choice™ roofing system in this video.

Getting the Grade

After completing his A-frame cabin roofing project, Dusten told us, “The customer said that it looks excellent!”

We couldn’t agree more, and appreciate being selected for this project.

“I have used Malarkey shingles for every job in the last 2 years. I like that the shingles don’t tear as easy, and that the sand stays on the shingles better. Overall, I like how they are designed and made,” he said.

“I also like that Malarkey is a local company. Continue making a superior product and I will keep using it.”