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Residential Roofing: Don’t Do-it-Yourself

With a little research these days, handy homeowners can gain carpentry skills and learn above average techniques to tackle many simple home improvement projects. Roofing repairs and installations however, like plumbing and electrical projects, are best left to professionals. Roofing contractors have the necessary knowledge, training, and equipment to ensure roofs are properly installed.

DIY Roofing is Dangerous

First and foremost, exercising proper safety precautions while working on a roof is critical. Even small roofing repairs require the hauling of heavy tools and equipment up and down a ladder – often tens of feet high. Certified roofing contractors receive hours of preventative safety training including the proper use of specialized, life-saving, fall safety equipment.

Even aside from fall hazards, roofing tools such as pneumatic nailing guns, and roofing-specific hatchets and knives have their own required cautions for safe use. For instance, in addition to fall safety equipment many professionals wear protective gear such as glasses, hard hats, and ear plugs, to prevent residential roofing accidents. Ample training and experience not only help professional roofing contractors get the job done quickly, but safely.

Avoid Inadequate Repairs

For any roof repair, once the area of need is identified, the goal is to fix, and typically improve, the issue in one fell swoop. Do it right, do it once. Yet, for many inexperienced homeowners, a second or third trip up the roof may be required to ensure that a leak is finally patched for good. Others still, may find themselves stymied by the source of their roof problems, and will eventually call a roofing contractor for professional help.

Retain Labor & Product Warranties

Most roofing installation projects include a warranty that covers labor and manufacturer-caused defects. Warranties can be voided if the installation was not done correctly. A contractor prompts proper installation and can provide you peace of mind that your project is warrantied.

Select the Best Products

Homeowners always may not know what to look for when choosing roofing materials. Many shingles for instance, may be manufactured to protect against weather dominant in one climate, but not another. Additionally, without professional consultation on roofing materials, homeowners might over or under spend on the necessary products. From underlayments to architectural asphalt shingles, roofing contractors have a working knowledge of quality roofing products, and may even provide certain options for homeowner budgets or design preferences.

Certified Residential Contractor

Malarkey Roofing Certified Residential Contractor Program

There are several reasons for trusting roof projects to the professionals; ensuring your safety at the top of the list. The roofing experts at Malarkey have established the Malarkey Certified Residential Contractor Program to match our customers with roofing contractors that have undergone rigorous certification. The mission of the Certified Residential Contractor Program is to bring together industry roofing applications and factory trained applicators that use high-quality Malarkey Roofing Products. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hiring a Malarkey certified residential roofing contractor.