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Roofing a Carport: Color and Performance Options

Carports shelter vehicles and offer protection for storage, so proper roofing materials should not be overlooked. While not as substantial as a free-standing garage, carports are often covered in roofing materials similar to the home. Not only will the materials protect the structure, they can unify the design of the whole property. It is important to consider the color and style of roofing on the carport as well.

The designs of carports vary from prefabricated temporary structures to grand entrances on the façades of some homes. Depending on the carport’s roof slope and shape, there are many roofing options for the homeowner to choose from. Malarkey offers several products for low-slope roof systems in addition to our steep slope shingle lines. The OmniSeal™ roof systems with OmniSeal™ Cap Plus for instance, meets UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistant standards, the highest rating possible. These products also work with multiple assembly options for a variety of climate conditions, such as a two-ply and three-ply systems.

Additionally, OmniSeal™ Cap or Cap Plus, are available in six colors to match our shingle color offerings. For instance, both the OmniSeal™ cap sheet and Vista™ laminated architectural shingle are offered in the Weathered Wood color to coordinate the presentation of a property and improve curb appeal. These two products are featured in this video/below because of their ability to tie together the transition between low and steep slope roofs, a common carport design. While popular, this roof design can be somewhat complicated to cleanly transition between the carport and residence. Watch for specific installation tips designed for contractors using the recommended products for this application.



Carports are an excellent feature on many homes and properties. Ensure that yours remains functional and coordinates with the rest of your property by considering all roofing options. Roof yours according to your property’s and the carport’s needs for best results.