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Roofing Definitions: Angles, Edges and Overhangs

Expand your roofing industry vocabulary with these simple definitions and illustrations. Find more resources in our glossary!


Hip, Ridge and ValleyHip: A hip forms an angle where two sloping sections meet at the side of a roof.

Ridge: Similar to a mountain range, a ridge refers to a horizontal line where two roof areas intersect.

Valley: A valley is an internal angle where two sloping roof areas intersect.


Gable, Rake and EaveGable: A gable is the vertical triangular area formed at the end of a peaked roof.

Rake: The sloping sides on the edge of a gable roof.

Eave: The bottom, horizontal edge of a roof that normally projects beyond the edge of the building, forming an overhang that guides roof runoff clear of the walls.


Fascia and SoffitFascia: The vertical trim board at the eave that is nailed to the ends of rafters (rafter tails); gutters are attached to the fascia.

Soffit: Material covering the space between the roof overhang and side of a building; roof vents are common in soffits and combine with ridge vents to provide ventilation to attics.


DormerDormer: A dormer is a structure projecting from a sloping roof. Dormers often house a window and come in many shapes and sizes.