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Roofing Shingle Home Styles: The Craftsman

The architecture of a home shapes its appearance from the inside out. Structurally, it frames the profile of the walls and roof. Then cladding and roofing shingles fill out the home’s exterior.

Architecture also greatly influences the selection of roofing materials for a home. For instance, homes with low-slope car ports or porches may benefit from roll roofing materials. Among the many styles of homes however, a few stand as exceptional candidates for polymer modified asphalt roofing shingle designs and colors. Continuing the series, this blog post explores Malarkey roofing options for a Craftsman style home design.

Craftsman History

The Craftsman style became popular in the United States during the first few decades of 20th century. The style’s namesake originated from home plans available in The Craftsman magazine, founded and edited by furniture-maker Gustav Stickley. Like the Arts and Crafts movement in the late 19th century, the Craftsman style sought a return to handmade, custom furnishings.

Accordingly, there’s a certain attention to detail in a Craftsman home. These details can be seen in leaded glass window treatments or decorative masonry. Stickley’s magazine was also known to feature patterned stencils and built-in furniture plans for homes.

Exterior Accents

The exterior of a Craftsman home also carries distinctive elements throughout the style. On the façade of the home, low-pitched roofs with wide eaves are supported by tapered, square columns and overhang over porch. Bungalow homes in the Craftsman style are typically defined by their significant porches or verandas. The roof lines may be gabled or hipped, and will likely receive support from exposed rafters or decorative brackets.

From stonework to landscaping, cladding and lattices, the craftsman style lends well to multiple textures on the property. The roofs of these homes can benefit from polymer modified asphalt roofing shingles as well. The subtle, granulated look of the shingle matches hardscaping below while the pattern in the shingle’s style mimics decorative cladding or verticals shingle designs. As evident below, both laminate and designer shingles such as the Legacy and Windsor enhance a craftsman home’s curb appeal.

Craftsman Homes

Selecting Roofing Shingles for Craftsman Homes

Roof Designer

The Malarkey Roofing Roof Designer is a tool that helps contractors and homeowners choose the best roofing product that fits their project. Just like imagining your house with a new coat of paint, the Roof Designer allows you to select and view every Malarkey residential roofing product and color, then digitally display the new look. You can easily get started in one of the two ways described below:

  1. Select a house from the existing gallery, then click on the portion of the roof you would like to design first. The roofing style and color can complement or contrast with the home’s exterior. Check out a few of our roof design blog posts to help you choose the best roofing product for your project.
  2. Upload an image of your own house to design. Click “Upload Your House”, then follow the prompts to create an account. Once uploaded, crop the image to your needs. It may need to be zoomed-in or larger to properly identify the roof. Then, select a roofing surface type, and draw an outline of each area of the roof. Next, click “apply changes” and “decorate now” to see the roofing shingles designs on the roof.

The comfort of installing a new roof should be enjoyed for years to come. Choosing the right roofing style should be a decision that accounts for many components like climate, style, and performance, but it should also be an enjoyable experience. For instance, our Pinterest page is an easy location to explore even more options for the new appearance of your home. Mobile users with iPad or Android devices can also download the Roof designer app as well. The Malarkey Roof Designer takes dreaming out of your decision and helps it become a reality.