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Shingle Features

Shingles can offer a variety of features to meet the needs of homes across the country. Learn how solar reflective shingles, polymer modified shingles, and shingles with Class 4 impact resistance can help protect your roof.


ENERGY STARSolar Reflective Shingles: Did you know that roof color can play a role in energy conservation? Solar reflective granules create a cooling effect for a home which may help promote energy savings and will comply with green building programs. Look for shingles that comply with standards such as ENERGY STAR, LEED, CRRC, and California Energy Code Title 24, Part 6 compliance.


Class 4 ShinglesClass 4 Shingles: Severe weather can destroy even the best roofs, but you can give your home added protection with Class 4 impact resistant shingles. Class 4 shingles are independently tested using the testing standard UL 2218. There are 4 different Class Ratings. The most severe test is the Class 4, which uses steel balls 2" in diameter to impact a roof to simulate the effects of hail. Class 4 shingles withstand the impact without sustaining damage to receive the highest impact rating available in the roofing industry today.


Flexor SBS Polymer Modified Asphalt

SBS Polymer Modied Asphalt: Styrene-butadiene-styrene polymers, commonly referred to as SBS, can be specially blended into asphalt to add rubberized characteristics. The result is a more flexible product which can adapt to changing temperatures while retaining the granules on the shingles. Malarkey blends their Flexor™ SBS polymer modified asphalt at each of their facilities to maintain and control high quality standards.