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Solar Reflective Shingles: How Roof Color Impacts Your Wallet

Have you ever regretted wearing a dark colored shirt on a hot summer day? The dark color absorbs more sun rays, making you feel warmer. The same basic concept applies to the roof of your home. Learn how a solar reflective roof can increase the lifespan of your shingles, save you money, and even reduce your impact on the environment.

Which Shirt Would You Choose On a Hot Summer Day? Dark colors absorb more of the sun's rays while lighter colors reflect more of the sun's rays. The Same Principle Applies to Your Roof. Typical asphalt shingles reflect 3-12 percent of the sun's energy.* Cool Roofing Granules from 3Mβ„’ reflect 20-25 percent of the sun's energy.* Solar Reflective Shingles Can: 1: Increase Lifespan: Granules protect the asphalt from the heat of damaging solar rays. Heat ages asphalt, making it stiff and enabling granule loss. Solar reflective granules remain 50Β°+ coolerβˆ† than standard granules and may increase the lifespan of shingles. Standard granules = aged asphalt and granule loss. Cool granules = cooler asphalt and less granule loss. 2: Save Money. Federal Tax Incentives: Save 10 percent material cost. Up to $500β—Š Ask your contractor about possible state and local tax incentives. Reduced Energy Costs: Less Heat = Less Air Conditioning. Save 7-15 percent. Solar reflective shingles may meet requirements for ENERGY STAR, Cool Roof Rating Council, LEED. 3: Reduce Environmental Impact. Less heat into your home = Less energy consumed by AC. Longer lifespans in high heat areas = Less material waste. Nearly 2 million tons of asphalt shingles were diverted from landfills through recycling in 2014.** Q: Can I paint my roof with a white coating? A: It's not recommended. A roof is a breathable system. Putting a coating on top may cause moisture or condensation issues and may void your warranty. Are Solar Reflective Shingles Available in Other Colors? Yes! Ask your contractor if a solar reflective roof is right for your project. WWW.MALARKEYROOFING.COM

* Reflectance rates calculated using 3M reflectivity test methods. Actual reflective results for asphalt shingles made with 3M™ Cool Roofing Granules will vary by application.