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Tips for Continuing Education with Your Roofing Crew in the Slow Season

For many roofing contractors, the colder, wetter winter months yield a little less time on the roof and more time in the office. The roofing business involves more than just setting shingles, of course. There are crews, materials and budgets to manage for starters. Then there’s ensuring that vehicles and tools are in working order as well; the list goes on.

Keeping components of the business running smoothly also involves continual education and planning for the future. Thankfully, there are a multitude of resources available for roofing contractors to continue their educational depth. First, the Malarkey Certified Contractor Program is an excellent way to become a trusted partner, and explore the latest industry tools and resources. Below are a few extra tips for keeping your crew sharp in the off season, and positioning your business for success as the days get busier.

See What’s New

Looking to the year ahead, we’ve recently updated the list of trade shows we’re attending in 2018, and we encourage area contractors to visit us. We’re always working on innovative, new products at Malarkey. Seeing new offerings at a show firsthand is a great introduction and overview. In the coming year, we’ll also have our teams in the field doing installations and product demonstrations at various venues that include distributors.

Recertify and Reacquaint

Whether you have a seasoned team or are ripe with rookies, recertification of best practices for safety, is always time well spent. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has training programs for all sectors of the construction industry. For roofing, fall safety prevention is crucial.

According to OSHA, falls are the leading cause of death in construction. Yet, falls are preventable following the simple steps of: plan, provide and train. By planning ahead to get the job done safely, providing the right equipment, and training everyone to use the equipment safely, OSHA intends for construction workers to make it home safely every day.

Safety doesn’t stop when the job is over either. Homeowners need to rest assured that their structure is safe, too. Building codes help make sure this is possible. One way to be sure that future projects stay on track, is by staying up to speed on any building code changes that may impact your progress. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) has educational programs specifically focused on such codes. As a national trade group, the NRCA offers a number of additional programs for contractors, many of which, are webinars that can be completed online.

Acquire New Methods

Ongoing research in the building materials industry also changes the demands that can be placed on the material. For instance, by utilizing polymer modified asphalt in our shingle lines, several Malarkey roofing shingles are rated for Class 3 and 4 impact resistance. Only by measuring and testing these shingles to other materials, can consumers begin to understand what to expect out of a new roof.

One testing organization, the Institute for Building and Home Safety (IBHS), has developed a Fortified Home™ program with details on how to improve a roof for a home to withstand extreme weather events such as heavy wind, hail and even hurricanes. Resources on this topic are readily available for knowledgeable consumers and contractors to improve the type and quality of services they offer.

Whatever path to advancement contractors may choose, continued education is a reliable vehicle.