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Underlayments are installed between the roof deck and the shingle to provide protection to the deck during installation as well as act as a secondary barrier from leaks and ice dams after installation. Let’s look at the different underlayments offered by Malarkey.


Right Start UDLRight Start™ UDL: Underlayment is put between the roof deck and the shingle. Traditional underlayment is commonly referred to as felt or tar paper, and is made of paper saturated in asphalt. The use of an SBS modified asphalt underlayment with a fiberglass mat reduces wrinkling and offers immediate watertight protection.


Arctic SealArctic Seal®: An ice and water barrier underlayment can be used in valleys and around the perimeter of the roof. The peel-and-stick design of these products ensures they are fully sealed to the roof deck for added protection against ice and water intrusion into your home. Some local building codes require the use of an ice and water barrier. Check with your local contractor for more details.


Secure StartSecureStart™: Synthetic materials create a lightweight and water resistant underlayment with greater tear resistance than traditional felt underlayments.