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Vistaβ„’ Shingles Revitalize Idaho Home Damaged by Wind and Hail

From long, hot summers to cold, blustery winters, southern Idaho sees a wide range of weather conditions.  After one too many thunderstorms with hail and strong winds, a local homeowner decided his roof was in rough shape and called Tight Lid Roofing in Boise, Idaho. The result of a thorough, visual inspection of the property determined the roof was in fact, in dire need of replacing. More than 80% of the shingles were damaged from years of weathering.


The estimator went on to recommend the homeowner install Vista™ shingles from Malarkey, citing the product’s reputation for strength in harsh weather. The Malarkey Vista™ is a Class 3, polymer modified asphalt roofing shingle built to withstand up to 1¾ inch size hail. Combined with the 110 mph Limited Wind Warranty, the Vista™ in Antique Brown was an easy choice for the homeowner.

The Zone

The project took about six days in total, factoring-in the limited amount of time the Tight Lid Roofing crew could spend on the roof due to the intense heat this summer. Tear-off went smoothly according to Jeff Lacy, owner of Tight Lid Roofing, with no additional issues discovered. Once the new shingles arrived on the job site, “installation was a breeze,” he said, “thanks in part to The Zone® Nailing Area.” Malarkey architectural shingles are manufactured with The Zone® – a patented 1¾" nailing area over 3x larger than other laminate shingles that dramatically improves correct fastener placement.

“I have had the opportunity to work with numerous shingle lines,” Lacy said. “From my experience at Roofing Supply Group, and I would without hesitation put Vista™ shingles from Malarkey on any roof. Not only is the product easy to work with, the color is resilient, and it was hands-down the least complained-about product we offered.”

Mr. Lacy went on to say, “Now that I am a contractor and have had the pleasure of working with the product and entire Malarkey family, I can reassure my clients they are purchasing a product with a great warranty that will look great and last for decades.”

The end result accomplished the main goals of a secure roof with the ability to withstand the harsh weather in Idaho. As a Malarkey Certified Residential Contractor, Tight Lid Roofing served as a trusted advisor and professional installer. The new roof is sure to leave a lasting impression on the home and neighborhood with both parties, leaving the homeowner and contractor extremely satisfied with their choice of the Vista™ shingle.