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Visualize Malarkey Shingles on Your Roof

The Malarkey Roof Designer can help redesign a roof in seconds. For homeowners, imagining a new roof on their home can be done by simply snapping a photo of the home, and uploading the image into the Roof Designer visualizer web page, the existing roof can be digitally replaced with any of the shingles made by Malarkey Roofing Products.

This tool is exceptionally valuable for homeowners considering a major change in roof style or trying to decide between two different shingle colors. The Malarkey Roof Designer provides engaging and easy-to-use options to upload a photo of a home or redesign a roof on model homes.

For best results, we recommend taking a few different photos of the home at a few different times of day. This approach allows for different lighting conditions which can influence the tone or shade of the shingle color on the roof. Sun and shade can also affect the color of siding, shutters, and landscaping. By snapping two or three pictures over the course of a day, homeowners can get a more accurate impression of how a specific roof color will look in coordination with the home’s overall exterior style. 

For contractors, the app version (available for iPad or Android devices) is a powerful tool to help switch between color options with a homeowner in just a swipe of the finger. New, enhanced features are also available for the most precise image mapping and product visualization available anywhere in the roofing industry. The roof visualizer offers a full suite of tools allowing contractors to scale the product size, angles, roof pitch, and shading to provide a completely realistic layout. Malarkey Roof Designer app users can rely completely on the app’s integration with the new iPad’s touchscreen technology to map any surface of a home with perfect precision and apply roofing instantly. The world’s leading visualization technology is now available at your fingertips on your iPad (Requires iOS 8.0 or later) or Android device.

There is no better peace of mind for the homeowner, then to show them exactly what the finished product will look like. The visualization presented to the customer allows them to make a decision better clarity of color or style and with greater ease since they’ve already seen exactly what their choices will look like right on their own home.