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What It Means to Be a Malarkey Residential Certified Contractor

As a homeowner, having work done on your property is a stressful experience – or, at least, it can be. Your home is likely your largest asset and you want to avoid making mistakes, especially when it comes to your roof. A properly installed and maintained roof is essential to keeping your home in great condition well into the future.

Quality Products Are Not Enough

When you decide to use Malarkey Roofing Products on your home, you will have the peace of mind in knowing you have selected a quality product.

However, it is not enough to simply purchase the right products. Even a great product, like those manufactured by Malarkey, can be rendered ineffective when installed improperly. It is a combination of product and proper installation that allows a roofing job to be completed to the highest standard. Both the installation and products matter in this equation.

The Program

We understand just how difficult it can be for a homeowner to choose a quality contractor who will take full responsibility for a job from start to finish. Sadly, there are plenty of horror stories out there about people who have hired seemingly trustworthy contractors – only to be left high and dry in the end. To help make this challenge a bit easier, Malarkey has created the Certified Residential Contractor program. Through this program, contractors can earn a certification that supports their qualification to install Malarkey Roofing Products.

“The Certified Residential Contractor Program is about ‘Leading with Value.’ It is important to Malarkey that we provide a valuable product to our customers, and this program allows us to take that a step further by nurturing the partnerships that we have created.”

– Crista Gortmaker, Contractor Service Manager at Malarkey

For the homeowner, this is a great benefit. When looking for a contractor, you can simply search the available Malarkey Certified Residential Contractors in your area. Immediately upon seeing that a given contractor has been certified by our program, you’ll have a degree of confidence that you would not have otherwise. Instead of going into your project blind and hoping for the best, you will be able to feel good about your selection and look forward to the project.

The Requirements

As you would expect, Malarkey has certified the contractors in their program. Malarkey is proud of its quality roofing products and certifies that those installing our products can be relied on to do a great job. Therefore, a number of criteria are in place to make a contractor eligible for certification within this program. Those criteria are as follows:

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured (in compliance with state regulations)
  • In good standing with the Better Business Bureau
  • In good standing with the Construction Contractors Board
  • At least 5 years in business
  • Completion of the Malarkey ‘Roofing Excellence’ training, and passing Steep Slope application test
  • Conform to all local building codes and regulations

When all of the points on the list above can be checked off, a contractor will be eligible for the Malarkey Certified Residential Contractor program. Meeting all of these requirements means that a contractor has build a reputable business, and can be expected to be a reliable partner in the completion of your home improvement project.

In addition to benefitting you as the homeowner, this is a program that is appreciated and respected by the contractors themselves. To that point:

“I’ve been wanting to send y’all a note to say how much I appreciate how thankful I am to have a shingle manufacturer that care not only about their product quality, but truly care about my customers as much as I do. The Certified Contractor Program – This is looking really great! It’s not only great for our business, but it’s a lot of fun too.”

– Randy Andrews, The Great SW Roofing (TX)

At Malarkey, we want to provide you with a quality roof. To us, that means more than making great materials – it means connecting you with individuals who are able to install those products properly. We hope that learning a bit about the Malarkey Certified Contractor Program will help you plan your upcoming project with confidence.