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What Kind of Roofing Shingle Should I Put on My House?

Please Note: This blog post was published in the past, and though it has since been updated, may not reflect products currently offered in your region. For current product availability in your area, please visit our Residential Roofing products page and our Where to Buy page for details.

Every roofing contractor gets this question from homeowners. It is the central question before every roofing project. When working with a Malarkey Certified Residential Contractor, homeowners can rest assured they’ll be having a quality roofing product installed on their roof. The tough decision for many homeowners, then, is choosing from the sizeable catalog of roofing shingles we offer.

As a roofing products manufacturer for the last 60 years, we know the right roofing shingle is the one that makes the homeowner happiest and helps unify the exterior design and paint of their home. To us, this means they can rely on Malarkey to provide a durable, performance-driven roofing shingle that is sustainably designed and manufactured. Besides color, what separates one shingle from another depends on several factors in the shingle’s construction and how it performs in various regions and climates.


Understanding Our Good, Better, Best Roofing Shingle Options

To illustrate these factors, we recently created this new architectural shingle book. In the architectural shingle book, we highlight the unique and innovative elements of a Malarkey shingle and articulate the differences between our laminated architectural shingle lines. Malarkey currently offers good, better, and best roofing shingle options for homeowners based on the following performance factors:

Impact Rating – The impact rating of a roofing shingle is rated on a scale of 1 to 4, with 4 being the most resistant to impacts. Determined in a third-party laboratory, this test involves hitting shingles with steel projectiles and measuring the extent of the impacts on the roofing shingles. (We’ve playfully recreated an unofficial version that you can see here.) For areas prone to hail and other heavy storms, a roofing shingle with a high rating of impact resistance can be especially valuable to homeowners. Some home insurance providers even offer discounts for homeowners who install Class 3 or 4 impact resistant roofing shingles.

Tear Strength – The measure for tear strength is rated above or below predetermined industry averages for standard shingles. This test involves the swinging of a blunt pendulum into the shingle to test its resilience to tearing. Tear resistance is important for homeowners in high wind or storm-prone areas where, like hail, lesser roofing materials can be damaged and require replacement.

Thickness – Like tear strength, roofing shingle thickness is measured relative to industry averages for standard shingles. The thickness of a shingle is typically associated with the amount of asphalt in each shingle. Asphalt is a key component in a shingle’s impact rating and tear strength along with the base mat and lamination adhesive. The thickness of a shingle is also associated with aesthetics as higher profile shingles provide more texture to the overall presentation of the roof and can be more evocative of cedar shake shingles.

Cost – Generally speaking, the relative price of each shingle line is determined by the extent of the features and benefits it provides. While pricing varies by region and project, these indicators offer homeowners an idea which shingle may best fit their budget.

Warranties – As a manufacturer, we extend warranties to customers that are also based on those features and benefits. Covering manufacturing defects only, issues associated with the installation of the shingle are the responsibility of the roofing contractor. Malarkey offers base warranties on our products including Limited Lifetime, Right Start™, ‘Your Choice’ and roofing accessory options. We also extend warranties based on other shingle features such as those for algae and wind resistance.

Choose the Roofing Shingle that’s Right for You

Malarkey has worked hard to design performance-driven roofing shingles for all regions and climates across North America. That means there’s a lot of choices for homeowners. From performance, to aesthetics, to cost – there’s a lot to consider. At the end of the day, we want homeowners to be confident in their decision to choose a Malarkey shingle. For more information, check out the other posts in this blog and on our website. Our team of representatives are also available to field your questions – just type your city or zip code into our Where to Buy page.