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Windsorยฎ Shingles Wow in Wisconsin

When contracted to replace the 135 square roof of a palatial home in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Malarkey Certified Contractor, Brookens Construction, chose the distinctive Windsor® shingle to complement the grandeur of the property.

“Obviously, with a home like this, quality, robustness, and curb appeal really build the overall value,” said Operations Manager, Brandon Allen. “Windsor® shingles were chosen for this home because they complement the home very well,” he added.

Windsor Designer Shingle

Designer shingles, such as Malarkey’s Windsor® line, are produced for homeowners that are especially concerned with the roof’s appearance as well as a reliable asphalt shingle. The Windsor® designer shingle offers the look of a traditional cedar shake roof with the fortified durability of Flexor™ polymer modified asphalt technology to promote superior granule adhesion and extreme weather protection, including Class 4 impact resistance.

“With its shake look and Class 4 rating, and capped with EZ-Ridge™ XT, we were able to preserve the original wood shake style of the roof without degrading the quality and longevity associated with real wood shake shingles,” said Allen.

The unique cut to the dimensional shingle creates an attractive, dramatic look, modeled after a traditional cedar shake roof. Malarkey’s dimensional shingles are polymer modified asphalt shingles with two layers – a backer and patterned dragon tooth – that are bonded together. With this construction, the Windsor® roofing shingle has an average of 17 percent more exposure than other designer shingles, resulting in a higher-profile, distinctive look that enhances a home’s curb appeal. The added size also allows for three strips of adhesive on the tabs for the exceptional protection against wind and rain.

Windsor Designer Shingle

“This roof was all Malarkey where it could be,” said Allen, echoing the Secure Choice™ roof system. As a family of residential products to support Malarkey shingle lines on steep slope roofs, the new Secure Choice™ roof system begins at the roof deck. The system includes underlayments, starter shingles, field shingles, and finally, ridges. On this project, the Brookens team utilized not only the Windsor® shingle in Natural Wood, but the Windsor® starter shingle, SecureStart™ Plus underlayment, Arctic Seal® 401, EZ-Ridge™ XT (also in Natural Wood). 

In the end, Allen said, “we delivered within the timeframe that we promised the customer, with the only real challenge with this 12/12 pitch, two-story roof, was protecting the landscaping.” His crew set up lots of plywood to protection and preserve 99% of the landscaping, which was greatly appreciated by the customer.

Working in the industry since 2008, and in business since 2015, Brookens Construction services all of Wisconsin, with most work landing in the Madison, Milwaukee, and Fox Valley areas. The company does both residential and commercial asphalt shingle roofing.

“We’ve installed lots of other Malarkey asphalt shingle products,” said Allen, “including Highlander®, Vista™, and Legacy®."

No matter what the scale or style of the roofing project, Malarkey has a variety of shingles cuts and colors support any structure. Polymer modified asphalt roofing shingles are versatile building materials that function as well as they look. Find inspiration for your next project at our Shingle Design Center.