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Malarkey Affiliates and Partnerships

Financeit Canadian Finance Program

We are pleased to partner with Financeit, so our Canadian Certified Contractors can offer home project financing to homeowners. Click HERE to get started!

(Available to Canadian contractors only).

GreenSky Contractor Finance Program

We are pleased to partner with GreenSky financing, so our Certified Contractors can offer home project financing to homeowners. Click HERE to get started!

Click HERE for their contractor rate sheet. (Available to US contractors only).


Malarkey Roofing Products and iRoofing are excited to announce the Malarkey catalog is now available on the iRoofing App.

Malarkey recognizes the need for mobile technology in order to meet today's homeowner expectations.  The iRoofing app provides that, as well as helping your costs with unlimited measurements and improving productivity for your business.

In addition to the catalog, iRoofing is offering Certified Contractors a FREE demo of their product and 10% discount when you sign up! 

For more information, please call 800-646-6270.

*Available in the US and Canada

Visit their website.

Scout Services ~ Permit & License Registration

Malarkey is pleased to partner with Scout Services! Scout Services is a permit acquisition service that helps roofing contractors throughout the nation obtain proper building permits, licenses, and registrations saving time, money and frustration. 

Click HERE to read more about Scout.

Scout Services will offer Malarkey Certified Contractors 50% off of your first permit fee and reduced pricing on other products or services. Contact Scout today!

This resource is available to US and Canadian contractors.

Roofers Coffee Shop

We are pleased to partner with Roofers Coffee Shop, and offer you a discount on a classified ad placement. RCS offers many ad options to help your company.

Redeem your $25 off today!

Hail Trace

Hail Trace is a weather consulting company that excels in weather forensics. They have a team of 4 meteorology experts that analyze every hail storm across the country then develop hail maps for each storm showing the size of hail, duration of hail, number of homes impacted, and wind speed and direction.

They are offering Malarkey Certified Contractors with a 10% discount on any Hail Trace Weather Consulting product.  This includes all Individual Hail Maps, City Unlimited Plans, State Unlimited Plans, Nation Unlimited Plans, and Hail Impact Reports. 

In addition, any Certified Contractor that adds a Client Impact Plan will receive 25% off of this product, and access to meteorologist consultations that are a subscriber to Hail Trace services. 

For more information contact Derik Kline at 405-543-1887 ext.1000.

Visit our Malarkey page!

National Roofing Contractors Association

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) is a trade association and the voice of roofing professionals and leading authority in the roofing industry for information, education, technology and advocacy.

Visit Malarkey's program page.

Western States Roofing Contractors Association

Western States Roofing Contractors Association is a nonprofit regional association of roofing, roof deck and waterproofing contractors and industry related associate members.

Certified Contractors can use their $250 Malarkey coupon towards new membership fees.

Visit their website.

Midwest Roofing Contractors Associationยฎ

The Midwest Roofing Contractors Association® (MRCA) is an association of roofing contractors that have joined together to develop and administer programs and services that help member companies build their business.

Certified Contractors can use their $250 Malarkey coupon toward new and renewal membership fees.

Visit their website.

Chicago Roofing Contractors Association

CRCA is a local trade association of roofing and waterproofing contractors in the greater Chicagoland area. Contractors, manufacturers, distributors, manufacturers representatives, consultants and others are members of CRCA, where they come together to discuss and tackle issues important to the roofing industry.

Kansas Roofing Association

We are pleased to be a partner with KRA and offer you a discount toward an annual membership. If you would like to become a member, you can now use your $250 Malarkey coupon towards fees. NEW MEMBERS ONLY.  

Click HERE to complete an application.

Home Advisorยฎ

Home Advisor® provides on-line business management and marketing for contractors. This may include lead generation, website presence and overall company promotion to homeowners.

Malarkey Certified Contractors can now use their $250 coupon towards an exclusive membership with HomeAdvisor ($287.99 value). When you join, you can also receive a special 50% off ProFinder leads for the first 30 days and a 10% quarterly rebate on all lead spend. Get started today! For information on our new product features and how we can connect you to more homeowners in your area, email us at:

Visit their website.

Midwest is a family owned and operated business located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin that offers a large variety of footwear for men and women (Available to US contractors only).

Click HERE and learn how you can save $$$ on your next purchase.

Contractors Cloud

Contractors Cloud is a web-based CRM and construction management solution designed for the sales-oriented general contractor. Developed by construction professionals.

Learn more.