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Malarkey Vision & Mission Statement
and Guiding Principles

Vision Statement

Malarkey will be the premier North American building materials manufacturer.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to manufacture and deliver innovative, performance driven building products with service and integrity that is unparalleled.

Guiding Principles

  • We will remember our heritage. Our founder and innovator, Herbert Malarkey had a clear understanding of the value of fair and honest dealings with employees, vendors, customers and the communities in which we operate. Michael Malarkey, our visionary, taught us the value of quality.

  • Our products will perform as promised. Our community trusts our products to protect their homes, families and businesses and we will not disappoint.

  • We are a family company. Like a family we will lift each other up and rise together. Opportunities will be offered to all that are willing to accept responsibility. No one will be asked to carry more than any of us are willing to bear.

  • Engage business partners rather than create adversaries. We will seek partners in our business dealings. It is better to have a partner than to defeat adversaries.

  • Our employees are our most valuable resources. We recognize and value their knowledge and contributions to our success.

  • What we do is as much an art as a science. We recognize that the human component, pride and ownership of quality, is what sets us apart.

  • We will strive to improve our business, our products, our family, our communities and ourselves.

  • We will not be afraid to fail. Without risk there is no reward. Failures must be recognized, understood and learned from. It is more important to focus our efforts and overcome our shortcomings rather than placing blame.

  • Reason and logic will prevail. Our actions will be driven by understanding, purpose and judgment. The answer to the question “why” will never be “because”.

  • Malarkey will chart our own course. While it is important that we understand our industry and our competitors, we will only produce what we believe provides our community with the best value.