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1. Smart Startโ„ข Starter Shingles

Smart Start™ Starter Shingles are specifically designed to increase protection against moisture intrusion and blow-off.

2. Right Startโ„ข UDL

The Right Start™ UDL fiberglass SBS polymer modified underlayment is a water resistant underlayment for steep slope roofing applications.

3. Arctic Sealยฎ

Arctic Seal® underlayment protects against leaks when installed over the entire roofing deck and is very effective as a flashing membrane in valleys, rakes, skylights and pipe penetrations.

4. SecureStartโ„ข Plus Synthetic Underlaymenet

Malarkey's SecureStart™ Plus Synthetic Underlayment is a durable non-skid watertight barrier for steep slope roofing applications.

5. Hip and Ridge Products

The Malarkey Hip and Ridge family of products offers several options, including our high-profile ridge EZ-Ridge™ (8") and EZ-Ridge XT (10") along with our standard low-profile RidgeFlex™ (10" and 12"). All Malarkey Hip and Ridge products feature Scotchgard™ Protector from 3M™ and Flexor™ polymer modified asphalt technology. RidgeFlex™ (10" and 12") shingles are rated UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistant.

6. Windsorยฎ Starter

Windsor® Starter is blended to match the Windsor® shingle line, features Scotchgard™ Protector from 3M, and made with Flexor™ polymer modified asphalt technology.

Our Residential Systems

Malarkey Roofing Products® offers a complete line of supporting residential products. Learn about the different products that are part of the residential roofing system by clicking on one of the numbers.