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Features & Benefits

AVRS® provides immediate advantages for your facility and the environment
Provides year round energy savings
Extends life of the roof membrane
Improves storm water management
Improves air quality
Reduces urban heat-island effect
Provides noise reduction
Increases aesthetics

AVRS® - Advanced Vegetative Roof System

Malarkey's Advanced Vegetative Roof System (AVRS®) Green Roof System is designed to be a turnkey solution that is easily installed and maintained. This patent pending system is designed to provide a green roof solution which will integrate with multiple roofing materials and deliver long term, economical performance. Malarkey will provide all materials to complete a successful installation of the AVRS® Green Roof System.

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Sustainable Features

The AVRS® Eco-Roof system improves storm water management retaining more than 70% of the stormwater while detaining, metering, slowing down and cleaning up to 30% of the stormwater – significantly minimizing the overtaxing impact that stormwater places on municipal systems.

Acting as a thermal blanket to the building’s roof, making solar, heating and air conditioners more efficient, resulting in as much as 20% energy costs savings. Shading the roof helps decrease ambient air temperature reducing the overall heat island effect in cities.

The AVRS® system is designed to encourage proper bio and phyto-remediation of stormwater and air pollutants. The integrated AVRS® design protects the roof from UV radiation, freeze-thaw cycling, heat stress, wind damage, and temperature fluctuations. This reduces maintenance costs while extended the life of the roof (2.5 times is achievable), increasing property value.

Quality Assurance

The AVRS® solution is only installed by Malarkey-approved and certified contractors. AVRS® is to be installed over high-quality roof membrane systems. The roof systems must be inspected and approved by the membrane manufacturer prior to installation.

Based on regionally specific engineered growing medium,the AVRS® tray weight may be 15-20 lbs per square foot Field Moisture Capacity (FMC). As a result, the owner is responsible for determining the structural weight capacity of the building and roof structure prior to installing AVRS®.

AVRS® Trays

AVRS® trays are manufactured from 100% recycled, 100 mil high molecular weight polypropylene. Each tray utilizes an engineered, overlapping edge and removable vinyl rivets to securely join the trays – creating an integrated system.

Growing Media – Soil

The growth media consists of a regionally specific, engineered, light-weight blend of inorganic and organic components. The AVRS® soil mix includes Zeba™, a unique superabsorbent polymer based on natural cornstarch, making it biodegradable, nontoxic and odorless.


A design mixture of fibrous sedums that thrive in a non-irrigated, extensive rooftop environment and meet USDA hardiness zone classifications will be recommended for each installation. Plants should be a minimum size of 1.5” wide plugs and planted with 9 plants per tray. Plants will be installed in accordance with the landscape design. Hydro seeding is also an effective planting alternative.


The AVRS® solution has an integrated drip watering system. The AVRS® tray has an irrigation slot that allows the drip line to pass from tray to tray. The drip line is installed prior to the growing medium installation.


AVRS® is only installed by Malarkey approved and certified roofing contractors. AVRS® installations are generally scheduled between April 1 and November 1, and not when the weather is below 35 degrees Fahrenheit or above 95 degrees Fahrenheit.


Initial maintenance includes watering, spot weeding and application of fertilizers (if necessary) until a uniform stand of plants is achieved. Periodic watering of the plant media is highly recommended for the first year to ensure proper root development. Watering cycles should be determined on an as needed basis. The AVRS® applicator can assist with this plant for an additional fee.

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