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Legacyยฎ "Silverwood"

Features & Benefits

Limited Lifetime Material Warranty
110 mph (177 kph) Limited Wind Warranty
130 mph (209 kph) Enhanced Wind Warranty Available
Your Choiceโ„ข Warranty Program
15-year Right Startโ„ข Period
Legacyยฎ Silverwood listed with the CRRC
Legacyยฎ Silverwood can be used to comply with CEC Title 24, Part 6 Cool Roof Requirements

Legacy® is an architectural shingle fortified with durable Flexor™ polymer modified asphalt technology to promote superior granule adhesion and extreme weather protection, including Class 4 impact resistance.


Legacy® is listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council.
Legacy® has tested to these radiative property values:

Legacy Solar Reflective Index: Silverwood: 23


Cool Roof Rating Council ratings are determined for a fixed set of conditions, and may not be appropriate for determining seasonal energy performance. The actual effect of solar reflectance and thermal emittance on building performance may vary.
Manufacturer of product stipulates that these ratings were determined in accordance with the applicable Cool Roof Rating Council procedures.


3M™ Smog-Reducing Granules (featured in TIME Magazine's 50 Best Inventions of 2018), harness sunlight to photocatalytically convert smog (NO, NO2) into water-soluble ions (NO3), actively reducing air pollution. One roof has the same smog-fighting potential as 2 or more trees (assuming standard roof of 30 squares)โ€‹.§

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Shingles manufactured from the Oklahoma City plant do not yet feature these granules.

Reflect Damaging Solar Rays

Legacy® Silverwood shingles reflect solar rays which may reduce the heat entering your home and extend the life of your roof.

CRRC Rated ProductWhen solar energy hits a roof surface and is absorbed, it raises the temperature of the shingles. This can lead to additional heat entering a home through the roof and premature aging of asphalt shingles. Legacy® Silverwood shingles reflect solar rays, which may reduce the amount of heat entering your home and potentially extend the life of your roof in hot climates.

These shingles have measured radiative property values listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council and can be used to comply with California Energy Code Title 24, Part 6 Cool Roof Requirements.

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Flexorโ„ข Polymer Modified Asphalt

Asphalt technology increases flexibility, granule adhesion, and impact resistance.

Raw asphalt must be altered for use in roofing materials. Traditional methods to alter asphalt diminish its natural, rubber-like characteristics. For over 30 years, Malarkey has been engineering and manufacturing our specially formulated blend of polymers and mixing them with raw asphalt at each of our facilities to produce our resilient Flexor™ polymer modified asphalt. This process retains more of the rubber-like characteristics of raw asphalt while adding the enhanced characteristics of the polymers, resulting in improved flexibility, granule adhesion, cold weather installation, and impact resistance.

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Watch: Flexor Polymer Modified Asphalt – Engineered Shingle Performance.

Protect from Extreme Weather

Class 4 impact resistance offers your roof the highest rated protection available.

Impacts to a roof from extreme weather can reduce the life of a shingle and lead to water damage. Class 4 shingles undergo UL 2218 testing to withstand impacts from a simulated 2" hail stone hitting a roof at speeds seen in severe storms without sustaining damage. Polymer modified asphalt technology provides superior Class 4 roofing shingle protection, which is the highest rating possible.

Retain Color Granules

Superior granule adhesion provides your roof lasting beauty and protection from damaging solar rays.

Throughout the day, roofs cycle through periods of hot and cold, causing materials to naturally expand and contract. Flexor™ polymer modified asphalt provides superior flexibility and granule adhesion to better hold granules onto the shingle. When granules stay on the roof, it provides lasting beauty and protection from damaging solar rays.

Formulated Roofing Sealants

Specially formulated asphalt sealant holds shingles in place during high winds and rain sealants protect from wind-driven rain.

Driving winds can threaten to lift shingles from your roof if they are not properly sealed. Malarkey uses a specially formulated SEBS polymer modified asphalt sealant to help hold shingles in place during high winds. Malarkey architectural shingles also feature two additional lines of SEBS polymer modified asphalt rain sealant in the critical lamination area of the shingle for double protection against wind-driven rain. SEBS asphalt rain sealant is engineered with adhesive properties to join the shingle together and cohesive properties to prevent it from separating. SEBS is also flexible down to 0หšF (-18หšC), ensuring the rain seal remains intact through freeze and thaw cycles.

Superior Shingle Strength

Shingles with Flexor™ polymer modified asphalt are more resistant to tearing and nail pull-out, reducing the risk of shingle blow-off.

Shingles with Flexor™ polymer modified asphalt are more resistant to tearing and nail pull-out compared to traditional oxidized asphalts, reducing the risk of shingles blowing off in high winds.

The Zoneยฎ: Improve Fastener Placement

The Zone® nailing area dramatically improves correct fastener placement during installation.

One of the most critical aspects of a successful roofing project is correct installation. Improper fastener placement is the leading cause of incorrect shingle installation, which can subsequently void the warranty as well as lead to leaks or blow-offs. Malarkey architectural shingles are manufactured with The Zone® – an industry-leading, patented, common bond nailing area that dramatically improves correct fastener placement.

Watch: The Zone Nailing Area.

Flexible in All Weather

Asphalt technology provides flexibility for application in a wider range of climates and roof styles.

Unique roof structures and cold weather can pose obstacles during installation. Flexor™ polymer modified asphalt technology provides shingles with added flexibility to conform to unique structures. Flexor™ also ensures shingles remain flexible down to 0หšF (-18หšC), which is 40 degrees lower than the typical installation of standard asphalt shingles. This allows for application in a wider range of climates and on a wider range of architectural roof styles.

Wind Warranties

110 mph (177 kph) Limited Wind Warranty included. Eligible for a 130 mph (209 kph) Enhanced Wind Warranty when additional standards are met.

A 110 mph (177 kph) Limited Wind Warranty is included. An Enhanced Wind Warranty is available at 130 mph (209 kph) when additional standards are met.

§Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and 3M.
** Shingles come with a Limited Wind Warranty but are eligible for an Enhanced Wind Warranty when additional standards are met: Smart Start™ starter shingles are installed, shingles are 6-nailed (including starter shingles; 9 nails for Windsor® shingles), and either EZ-Ridge™ (8", 10") or RidgeFlex™ (10", 12") hip and ridge shingles are used. Some contractors adapt roofing shingles to use as hip and ridge shingles. Use of The Alaskan® as a hip and ridge shingle will apply toward the Enhanced Wind Warranty. Dura-Seal™ (Nexgen™) shingles used for hip and ridge will qualify toward an Enhanced Wind Warranty only when Dura-Seal™ (Nexgen™) is the field shingle. Malarkey’s diverse line of performance-driven underlayments are recommended for added system protection.

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