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Flexor™ / Nexgen™ Technology

The natural aging process of asphalt is affected by three components: heat, oxygen, and UV rays. The process of oxidation uses heat and oxygen to mimic the natural aging of raw flux asphalt, raising the softening point so it can withstand the heat on a roof. Oxidation creates a more rigid shingle and is the traditional asphalt used in making shingles.

Polymer modified asphalt combines a blend of polymers with raw flux asphalt as another way to raise the softening point of the asphalt used in shingles. This process creates a more flexible shingle with superior granule adhesion and impact resistance.


Flexor™ Polymer Modified Asphalt

Raw asphalt must be altered for use in roofing materials, but traditional methods to alter asphalt diminish its natural, rubber-like characteristics. For over 30 years, Malarkey has been engineering and manufacturing a specially formulated blend of polymers and mixing them with raw asphalt at each of our facilities to produce our resilient Flexor™ polymer modified asphalt. This process retains more of the rubber-like characteristics of raw asphalt while adding the enhanced characteristics of polymers, resulting in improved flexibility, granule adhesion, cold weather installation, and impact resistance.

Malarkey shingles with Flexor™ Polymer Modified Asphalt

Designer Shingles:

Windsor XLWindsor

Architectural Shingles:

Legacy XLLegacy

Complete the system with Malarkey's Flexor™ hip and ridge products:


Nexgen™ Polymer Modified Asphalt

Over the years, Malarkey has continually advanced the development of polymer modified asphalt using new technologies to refine the physical characteristics desired for quality shingle performance. Nexgen™ is the result, a blend of Flexor™ asphalt with post-consumer, recycled polymers. The use of recycled polymers is the next step in the ongoing effort from Malarkey to promote sustainable roofing materials while maintaining a high level of quality. This progressive approach improves asphalt flexibility, granule adhesion, cold weather installation, and impact resistance while promoting sustainable product design.

Malarkey shingles with Nexgen™ Polymer Modified Asphalt:

Architectural Shingles:

Vista Shingle Line

Solar Reflective Architectural Shingle:

Ecoasis Costa

3-Tab Shingles:

Dura-Seal Shingle Line

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