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Reflective Granule Technology

Mineral Granules with Highly Reflective Colored Ceramic Coating

The product design process at Malarkey Roofing Products considers many aspects of aproduct’s performance, construction, life cycle, and components. Granules are an integral part of a roofing shingle. Not only does their asphalt adhesion help keep shingle colors vibrant, but granules can also be engineered to perform and protect in certain climates.

When solar energy hits a roof surface and is absorbed, it raises the temperature of the shingles. This can lead to additional heat entering a home through the roof and premature aging of asphalt shingles. Shingles that feature 3M™ Cool Roofing Granules have highly reflective specialty pigments that help reflect infrared light away from the home. Solar reflective shingles may reduce the amount of heat entering your home and potentially extend the life of your roof in hot climates.

Reflective roofs with cool roofing granules can also keep the building cool, and may reduce energy use to control air-conditioning. Furthermore, cool roofs have a limited impact on the urban heat island effect, which has been found can increase energy use, degrade air quality and aggravate heat-related illnesses in cities. Some metropolitan areas have worked to address this effect by requiring aggressive degrees of reflectance in roofing products.

Ecoasis™ NEX® solar reflective shingles and RCap™ Plus reflective cap sheets have measured radiative property values listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council and can be used to comply with California Energy Code Title 24, Part 6 Cool Roof Requirements.

To learn more about Cool Roofing Granules from 3M™, click here.

How Roofing Granules Keep Your Home and Neighborhood Cool

The Benefits of Cool Roofing Granules

Some lighter-colored roofing products attain a degree of reflectivity and comply with cool roof requirements without the use of special 3M™ Cool Roofing Granules. Reference our Product Data Guide for more information.


‡ Reflectance rates calculated using 3M reflectivity test methods. Actual reflective resuls for asphalt shingles made with 3M Cool Roofing Granules will vary by application.

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