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David Douglas
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Commercial Roofing

SBS Modified Bituminous Systems

For nearly forty years, Malarkey has been the leader in the SBS polymer modified roofing industry with an array of base and cap sheets that perform in a wide variety of climates.

Conventional Bituminous Systems

Asphaltic multi-ply systems have economical life cycle costs when examining the installation and maintenance cost over the lifetime of a roof.

Commercial Steep Slope Shingles

Legacy® and Windsor® shingles are manufactured with SBS polymer modified asphalt technology, are Class 4 impact resistant, and experience increased weatherability through superior granule adhesion and all-weather flexibility.

Advanced Vegetative Roof System

This patent pending system is designed to provide a sustainable roof solution that can be integrated with a Malarkey multi-ply roofing system to deliver long term performance.

Systems Components

Malarkey has strategic partnerships with leading roofing industry companies that offer commonly required system components. Endura™ systems components provide an ease of installation for a variety of system solutions.

David Douglas
Dist Yards